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We do Trading & EPC of all kinds of Solar Products

Being a Solar company in Lucknow we are committed in providing the best quality products in economical range to our clients. We provide solar components of all scale the buyers. We have our inhouse products & deal in products of reputable brands to keep our clients happy & satisfied. We provide all solar related products & services.


Solar Power Plant

We Provide Best Quality Power plants to our clients both Residential & Commercial 


Solar Street Light

We dont like to showoff but we Flaunt  our Solar Street  Light because they are the best


Solar Water Pump & Heater

Multi-Branded Solar water Pump(AC & DC) & Solar water heater (ETC & FPC) are available with us


Solar Home Lightning System

Compact & Very Economical system for rural homes, shops etc

Why Choose Solar?

Solar power is a clean, green source of energy. It has become the trend in renewable energy and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Exajoule Solar Company?

With the increased popularity of solar energy, more and more solar companies in Lucknow are popping up. Our team at Exajoule has been helping home, and business owners switch to solar power over the years. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation for being the best solar company in Lucknow and providing top-quality services and products with every job we complete.

We have the expertise in trading & EPC of all kinds of Solar Products. Additionally, we offer exceptional customer service, and our team works directly with the customer to ensure they select the best solar products.

Solar Products & Services we offer

The range of services offered by Exajoule extends from the supplier of solar panels in Lucknow to design, installation, servicing, and after-sales support. Once you’ve got your solar panels for home set up, we offer ongoing cleaning and maintenance on all existing solar energy systems.

With the growing electricity prices, it makes sense to move to a cost-effective power resource that also benefits the environment. Exajoule is committed to providing high-quality solar power Lucknow services to our loyal customers.

If you’re considering purchasing solar panels in Lucknow, our team at Exajoule can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. In addition, our Lucknow solar panel experts can help you determine if solar technology is right for you.

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What are the key benefits of installing solar panels for homes in Lucknow?
There are several great benefits of installing solar panels for homes in Lucknow.

• Cost savings: You could save thousands of rupees per year on energy costs by using exajoule solar panels for home.

• Excellent ROI: Solar panels can offer the best return on investment. You shouldn’t have any trouble recuperating the initial solar panel price in Lucknow during the lifetime of your solar panel.

• Solar Energy Rebates: Home and business owners that choose solar power may be eligible for rebates under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

• Improved Value of Property: Installing solar panels for home on your property will help increase your home’s value.

• Lower Carbon Footprint: Solar power is undoubtedly more beneficial for the environment than relying on the power grid on its own. Using solar panels from exajoule, the best solar company in Lucknow will help in reducing carbon footprint.

• The Peace of Mind: Unfortunately, many households across the nation are worried about rising energy costs. Installing solar panels for home will give you security, knowing your business or home will not be affected by these rising rates.

How can I claim my solar panel subsidy?
After completing the installation of solar panels for home, the customer must contact the electricity provider to inspect. The officer will then inspect the installation and approve the customer for the subsidy. Customers can then apply for the subsidy amount.

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